About Nothing But Tablets

Tablets have been around for years, but have only recently gotten enough media attention and enough of a price drop to make it a mainstream device concept. Nothing But Tablets is a site dedicated to tablets, from reviews to tips and tricks for using them. 2011 is no doubt going to be a critical year for tablets, and we want to be there to guide you through it.

Best Tablets

Whether you're looking for the best 12-inch tablet, best window tablets, best blackberry tablets and other 'best' categories you may have in mind, we are here to provide you with lists of tablets you could consider purchasing. Not to mention, you'll even be provided with information that would allow you to decide on what to buy later on.


Aside from the tablet itself, the best way for you to have fun and utilize your tablet at its best, is through tablet applications. Here, you'll also be accommodated with the best tablet apps, tablet games and other software you could install on your device in order to make the most out of your experience.