The Best Blackberry Tablets and Accessories

Being one of the older brands in the mobile device market, it is without a doubt that Blackberry has their own formidable reputation in the industry that simply cannot be neglected. This Canadian brand has taken the world by storm in the past years but although it may not be in the limelight right now, they still have exemplary products that you'd surely want to have on your arsenal. This is especially so if you're looking for the best blackberry tablets that you could purchase. Tablets are without a doubt, one of the most outstanding device in the mobile industry as they provide the capability of a desktop computer although with less power, but in a size that's fairly more satisfying than those from smartphones. From tablets, you could enjoy watching movies and playing games even more, which is certainly going to be enough for you to want to purchase your own tablet. We here to give you a more detailed review of the best blackberry tablets you could purchase especially upcoming ones you need to peel your eyes on and look out for.

Blackberry Playbook

Although it is indeed a fact that this tablet device may not have fared well in the industry as the brand may have expected, it's slowly turning back into the limelight for several reasons, one of which is the upcoming new version of the series. Shifting back our focus on the original playbook, there's no doubt that the first impression you'll have from it is its superb and stunning appearance that's nothing short of sleek and seamless. It's simply dazzling and innovative-looking but of course, that's not just on the surface as well.


The device has steadily picked up its pace due to certain improvements on it capability. Not only is it running a whole new operating system, it also features 4G LTE Technology already, allowing it to render supreme power and speed that's unlike any other. Although it's 1GB Ram and Dual-Core Processor may not be the most advanced in the industry, it definitely has one of the fastest speed especially when you're browsing the internet which is simply insane. The size of the device is between an iPad and the Samsung note, giving it the right size that's not too bulky but also not too light to the point where it may look like a phone.

Its cameras as well come in powerful 5MP Rear camera and a 3MP camera and despite the fact that other smartphones may have more outstanding cameras as well, this is definitely sufficient for you to have fun with it all throughout the day. Not to mention, it also supports 1080p Video display, allowing you to revel in ultimate screen resolution that will immerse you whether you're watching a movie, a television show or even playing a game. With the changes in the industry as well, you could expect to find the Android market in the device as well.

The integration of the Android market in the device is definitely what made it set off at a higher platform than what it had in the past because now, the playbook games and apps that you could use on the device is growing at a steady pace. It is also an adobe flash haven and an adobe lover as you'll find yourself with pre-installed Adobe applications on the device as soon as you get it. It may not be the most powerful but indeed, it has all the reasons for you to purchase it.

Blackberry Playbook 2018

When everyone is eagerly expecting to have yet another brilliant blackberry playbook, it was proven that the playbook 2 would not come to fruition. However, the brand has made some changes on their ranks and has partnered with couple of other companies, making way for impressive smartphone devices like Priv, Keyone and other significant devices. With the Blackberry brand entering the Android market, there's little to no doubt that a Blackberry playbook 2018 would indeed come but, it may come in the guise of a different name or a different title. Needless to say, with the current trajectory of this outstanding brand, there's little to no doubt that the new product to hit the market from their ranks, would surely make waves of excitement worldwide.